• Alberg 30' Sailboat

    ALBERG 30'

    Classic sailboat

  • Elevating work platforms

    JLG 33RTS

    Elevating Work platforms

  • Renegade Spirit


    Jabiru engine

  • No new products at this time.
  • Original painting Title: En attendant le père Noel Artist Painter: LISE LACAILLE Year: 1995 Dimension: 24 x 36 Medium: Mixte $3,677.00Painting published in AGENDA Art 1997 Utilis produit no. 9746/UT249 ISBN 2-89440-254-6FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Journée de fin d'été Artist Painter: DANIEL PLANTE Year: 1994 Dimension: 20 x 24 Medium: Acrylic $4,569.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Le bonhomme d'Alain Artist Painter  (1929-1997) : Normand Hudon Year: 1995 Dimension: 10 X 12 Medium: Mixte $10,016.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Rue Christophe-Colomb, Montréal Artist Painter: ALBINI LEBLANC Year: 1995 Dimension: 30 x 40 Medium: Oil  $6,243.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Dimanche Artist Painter (1934-2008) : CLAUDE THÉBERGE Year: 1995 Dimension: 10 X 12 Medium: Acrylic $2,478.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Dandelions Ripening  Artist Painter: PAUL HENRY Year: 1996 Dimension: 12 X 24 Medium: Acrylic $2,300.00Painting published in MAGAZIN,'ART Volume 9 No 1, Automne / Fall 1996 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Original painting Title: Le chef d'orchestre Wildlife Painter : LOUISE LABBÉ Year: 2004 Dimension: 24 X 36 Medium: Oil  $1,439.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

  • Dive computer Cressi Leonardo New never used $300.00 FOR INFORMATIONS

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We emptied our attic, garage and recovered all the objets that no longer serve us, to get ride of them and give them a 2nd life.